Student Resources


           Annual Meet The Contractor Evening
We invite our local college HVAC students that will be graduating
in Spring to attend an evening to meet with our members looking for job
opportunities in our industry. These students have spent a lot of money
and time in learning the basics of our trade and now it is time to get out
into the field.

This event is scheduled for March25th 2020 from 6:00pm to
9:00 pm at our office in Forest Park.

Each contractor will have time to interview with the students on a one to
one basis. There will be students attending from Gateway Community College,Butler Tech, Fortis College and TheOaks. The Board once again will be personally visiting each school and handing out our flyer to the students.

Please let Barb Burg know by email: or
phone: (513) 574-0005, if your company is interested in attending.



                          ACCO/PHCC Expo Student Seminar

Thank you to all the student's who came out to learn a little about our industry and to all the contractor's who took the time to speak with them.